Wednesday, August 12, 2009


My random life
Without facebook in my life that is really bored, just like world ends,
but then dint on facebook's Restaurant City that really my computer run smoothly.
Is that Restaurant City make our server down?!
*hmmm...I guess I hope Blogspot wouldn't happen the same things*
*Here we go again*
My colorful scarfs~
Maroon, yellow, pink, purple, pink and blue...hahhaa~
*where is my HANDS?*
Baskin Robbin when shopping at Tesco Penang~*..lala*
Mint + Lime Lemon flavours :P yumyum~

Santa claus is coming to "home"
lols~cute or not?!my little god brother oh~^^

Pink Panther from Malaysia?!?!?
hahahah~He is my cousin brother~

My office~^^My computer~^^
look at the fields...Big or not?!
I can't even talk so loud...=="
If not whole office's peoples will look at me...=="sweat...

NicoleFish + MorrisPuppy + Ultraman
In my cousin sister room....~!!

After Gurney Drive~
Tickets of Mall Cop in Hall 2~hahaha~
*do you feel I'm look like indian girl in this photo?*

Men In Black III~!!
Baby In Black better...:P
hahahahaha~~When I'm saw this photo...
I totally laugh non-stop~hahahhaa~
Is really cute and funny...

My lovely breakfast "ham" in LOVE SHAPE~
lunch "eggy" in LOVE SHAPE too~
How sweet my meals~

Steamboat in the House~
I prefer eat steamboat in the House...=]
What foods also can get it...
I want ABALON~~~and LOBSTER~~~!!!
Steamboat at the Cameron Highland
lols~a lots of people said had steamboat at Cameron very warms...
*ermm...*I had tried...nothing special what....=="

VynnCz in the photo...*shame and close her face...XP*
the cross DIY by NICOLEFISH...~!!!

Chinese lion Dance?!lols..
that weird too...=]

In english what should we call?!"sky god"
That weird right?!hahaha~~
How tall the "TEBU"~

Joanne's Big brother Married Dinner Night~
7 of us again~
Joanne, Alex
on top
Yen, Me, Jassie, Amy, Fong, Jessyn
left to right

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