Wednesday, August 12, 2009

█▓▒Jaραnєsє Cuιsιnє<-·´¯`·-Dιnnєя▒▓█

Jaραnєsє Cuιsιnє<-·´¯`·-Dιnnєя
Located: Taman Kheng Tian Apartment Shop lot(..Perak Road)
Business Time: 3 p.m. to 10p.m.
KatSu MatSuri
Food Menu
This Japanese Cuisine is a small business,
it's doesn't look like other Japanese Restaurant which located in the shopping mall,
the target of the мяs•вσѕѕ is those residence at the housing district.
The price are common and economical^^, everybody can afford~
Japan Latern

мяs•вσѕѕ is a very kind and nice person, since the shop opened until now, I think almost 4 years already, that time I was just moved to Penang for my further studies. Me and my cousin become her regular customer =]

Japanese Cucumber

Difference for the Japanese cucumber and local cucumber is the shape and outlook, Japanese cucumber is tiny and thin, color is deep green, for the local cucumber is longer and the color is lighter.

The sushi not so many choice, but then I can 99% confirm that all really fresh, especially the raw salmon~I love the most...=]
The most importance things eat with sushi are the sauces "SHOYU" and "WASHABI"...
I like the SHOYU! actually better than those Restaurant one.
Don't suspect what I had said. Trust me XP

Takoyaki are made by Tako(octopus..), vegetable(cabbage..) and egg(special recepi..)
The first cuisine I had tried at there~Once you try, you will addicted in it, yummy yummy..:P
If you don't like Tako(octopus..), you can request to use another ingredients, such as Kani(crab meat..), Ebi(prawn meat..) and Unagi(eel meat..)
Price are difference depends what you ordered.

Okonomiyaki quite alike Takoyaki.
Takoyaki are in grain shapes, Okonomiyaki are like a fried egg shapes,
the ingredience are alike too~
you also can request to use another ingredients, such as Kani(crab meat..), Ebi(prawn meat..) and Unagi(eel meat..)
Price as I mention just now^^.
I intro my uncle which he also like to eat Japanese cuisine to this shop, once he came to visit me, sure he will went to this shop!!!

Yaki Udon
Yaki Udon as well like fried udon,
the ingredience are udon, prawn, tako, itako, cabbage with recepi sauces~
Actually still got lot of cuisine I dint post out, because we dint order the food~
lols~I forget to snap the sushi which i ordered, raw salmon, itako and tunamayo,
it's already digested and become poopoo already...*yucks..sorry for my digusting*
For those staying at Penang Island,
if you free or convinience welcome come have a try^^
No need to go exspensive restaurant and you already can taste so delicious Japanese cuisine,
it's really worth ya~
Any Question you can drop me a comments,
I will try to reply you as soon as possible~
-Stay Tune-

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