Monday, August 24, 2009

█▓▒Monday Cloud Morning▒▓█

Today my mood quite down,
Not even wanna talking,
I had plurk about my present mood on it,
got friends came and cheer me up,
but then don't know what happen....I'm really moody
Nobody can cheer me up, I know that once person only can cheer me up~
Don't feel wanna telling here...

Had lunch with my dear after he dropped his manager to Penang airport.

After my meal time,
sleepy worms is attack me..ZzzZZZzzzzZZzzZzz
Oh my god, how to attend the gathering after work?
I wish to lay on my bed, hug my little kuma-kuma fall in sleep....

*Company Email Pop up*
Mistake for the task....oh my careless~~!!
forget to check after the requestor up rev for the part item,
the support document was missing,
and I had already IMPLEMENTED.
That mean this task cannot have any changes already...*what the xxxx*
Why I'm so careless, I have no choice and have to confess it,
and so lucky that this problem has been solve by my Singapore head,
thanks!!!and lucky that my head just advice me becareful when critze the task while modify somethings.
thanks again....

Listening a very touching Korea Love Song "Kiss-Because I'm Woman"
Does everyone watch the MTV for this Song?
If you haven't, you can search at the YOUTUBE, 100% you can find it~
If you are the person easier get touching, I sure that after you watch it will drop tears.

In this world~
really got such story existing?
or just can find in the fantasy story?

Maybe that is existing in this world...
but not everyone can meet it...

~Love can be very mighty
~Love also can be very selfish

Listening Canon In D...
*close up your eyes...enjoy the music the melody....*
You will found that this song can relaxing your mind and your soul~


3.30pm Raining

2 and half more hours to go...
Cancelled the gathering and postpone to tomorrow,
so that mean tomorrow I have 2 appoinments,
after work heading to Queensbay's starbuck at 5.30pm,
6.30pm meet my ex-collegues at restaurant.

This coming weekend - Sunday
My ex-schoolmate is date me to Pulau Jerejak for a gathering,
Pulau Jerejak is an island which last time long before it gained its alias as the Alcatraz of Malaysia, because of the Jerejak Prison.
It's an island rich with history, flora and fauna.

But I had already rejected the trip with them,
because of this month is ghost month,
I'm not taboo or superstition belief..
I'm bet my family and my dear won't allowed me going..
as like what we alway said "trust rather than dun trust"
don't stubborn in this kind of things...*not kidding*
well~~~~I'm "put flight" to them again ...sorry my dear friends~
I had called you all change the date to next month..

I wasted quite lot of time in this blog~
is high tea time...!!!
should I make a cup of nescafe to wake me up?
no no!!....I hardly breath again this few day...
better I stop to drink coffee again~
*slap myself*....wake up loo!!

I'm darn darn sleepy...



-Stay Tune-

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