Monday, August 10, 2009

█▓▒mY weeKenD▒▓█

Monday Cloud day 10 August 2009 9.49 a.m

Awake at 6 a.m and prepare come over to penang house and changed to work.
Early in the morning reached in the office felt so dizzy and sleepy.
Recently alway keep raining...morning, noon even night.
How long i dint saw the SUN, sudenlly miss HIM so much (lols~)
*you're my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy........*
forget the lyrics already..:P

What a monday blue~What a cloud morning~

"Rain make me thinks of you
you make me thinks of love
love alway make me sweet
sweet because I have you
you are the one I love the most"

"Walking in the streets
streets has nobody
nobody will know who am I
I am who I am
am I just a shadow?"

Rainny day really make me thinks of something..(secret..)
don't you?!

Freezy in the office...
Today is Singapore's Public Holiday~
So i quite free in the office cause don't have any request from there.
relax relax in the office but boring~So tired~
because of weekend i had helped my dear to painted and cleaned his new house..

Saturday was checked the wall of the paint,
and mend it again after it technician came and fix the aircons wires~it cost 1.2k...(what the expensive..)

Sunday helped him to cleaned all around the houses corner with water because was just painted,
it pours on the floors~really tired to cleaned a houses was just 2 peoples~(help~~~~)
my waist gonna break already, need some massage...XD
after it, I found that my body appeared some scar on my knee and finger...(ish~~!!!)
so pained while touch the water when I'm having shower....T^T...
I had complain to my dear, he helped me massage yesterday XD...(sweet-inG~~)

Friday and Sunday night I was went to watched that comedy movie which
acted by Louis Koo"On his Majesty's secret service"
That is really damn funny~I was laugh non-stop in the cinema...*rofl*
laugh until I lost my image!!!*rofl*
My cousin them was said me that I'm crazier because I had watched twice time...
no choice!!cause it's really funny for me....XP
when I was said that I'm wanna watch it again,
i thought my dear will scold me waste money, manatau he wanna watch it too...
I was so supprise with his responses...hahaha~~

10.10 a.m 10 August 2009

Just simply wrote out the time now~
and listening "megamix thriller" sing by our KING OF POP MICHEAL JACKSON
a nice megamix song, anyone interested!?just leave me comment
for your email add I would like to share with you~either just email
me if you have any nice song~
thanks first ya~

Recently I'm addicted in one song that
sing by Black eyed peas " I got a feeling"really nice song...
when listen it feel like that will follow the beat to dance it up~~hahaha~
you can try and download it~dun miss out this song~


Anything to share....


nothing already...=="
brain blank-inG...lols~stop by here...

eh eh~~waittttttttttt~~~!!!

to those my friend which I long time dint meet up..
sorry ya..because i really no have time to have gathering with you all.

sulimasek~bye~~miss you all...muacks....~~~~

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