Wednesday, August 12, 2009

█▓▒mY stuff~~kinD oF▒▓█

Too bored in the office and now cannot play facebook already,
so I found some stuff which I snaped on last time,
simply post it out and share with you all.
"Here we go"
My Toshiba Laptop..(break down already and now lay on my bed==")
My Ipod Nano...(ish...break down too...sleep in the coffin now..)
My Mickey Mouse Mp3..(gift to my mom as mother day)
Starbuck beverage!!!
~choco cream chip(mine..) + java chip(jassie..)~
My feet...XD with a cute toe stocking~
(bought from lot of color..give to my friends already)
This not my stuff..Is my aunty 1~a music teddy~
(...she play it to her unborn baby...)
Oops...this not my stuff too, is my friend bear bear which put it in the car..
(...VynnCz's car..)
My grey Tatty Teddy~gift by my mom from Singapore~
Anything gift from my Singapore friends~
Whatever gift by my aunty from Singpore too~
(..that time Malaysia don't have yet..)
"ding ding dang dang" which I bought from Taiwan.
(...forget to snap my clothes...XD)
Fluffy Rabbit...^^with pins~
My DIY's poster..
<--For Jassie Birthday's Signature boards
My little poster-->
Do you remember what is this?!

My BLUE-inG N81 Mobile Phone

Lolipop bag + Lolipop + Fluffy ball
To keep and hang on my Mobile Phone...=]
Libra~~!!is mine Horoscope~~!!
LG's Plasma + 2 Toshiba Laptop
Played game with my cousin brother at the midnight 4 to 5 a.m. ~!!
My little Kuma-kuma~~!!
Love ya much~~!!
1 at hometown 1 at penang home 1 at car...hahahha~~!!
Chocalate from Japan.
Green tea Chocalate Yatsuhashi and White Lover~
Yummy :P~~

Bought from 100 Yen's shop located at Crystal Point Bayan Lepas.
Very cute and colorful Japan candy~*I had finished it already...*

Bought from 100 Yen's shop located at Crystal Point Bayan Lepas.
Biscuit from Japan~
A present~ready to gift to my Friend~
A Diamond keychains inside with....hehe...lots of MENTOS keychain!!!

White bag "VynnCz"
Black bag "Nicolefish"
snaped at Gurney Drive
Coin-Coin from other countrys
"Japan, Taiwan, China, Hongkong...."

A sweety Chocalate gift by My KL Maple Net friends~
Home made>.<"...I like the packing~

Duck caps?!
In the KL's apartment ready out to shopping~

Bubble Grape Tea....quite sour..but I like it...>.<"
and it is on the top of the stands....

A weird candy sticks...lols..
The stick look like a fluorescent lamp...
*don't know after ate will causing what happen...XP"

My burberry bag...that not a handbag...lols~I use it to keep my laptop...>.<"

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