Tuesday, October 27, 2009

█▓囧PenanG 1 daY Trip<-·´¯`·.▓█

♠Sunday night♣

Me♀ and my dear♂ on the way back to penang house from butterworth, I'm feel a bit headache.
After had my dinner, I vomit out my dinner what I ate, feeling not well and plan tomorrow will take MC stay at home rest.
I think my dear ate dirty food at some where, his stomach ache and run toilet whole night, diarrhea.


♪Monday morning♪

"I got a feeling..wOOooOoo~
that tonight gonna be a good night...
that tonight gonna be a good night...
that tonight gonna be a good good night..."
*Phone clock ringing*

Wake up and off the clock then continue sleep back....zzZzzZzzzzz
After 1 minute, me and my dear decide get MC and skip work...*shhhhh*
I message to my supervisor and friend to inform them I dint go work,
then my dear inform his manager!

*Continue sleep back again*zzZzzzZZzzzz

Awake around 10.30am
Take time to grooming and heading to panel clinic to see doctor and get MC
*still in sleepy mode*

After get the MC, is still early and decide to go MPPP to apply license for my puppy "phypy"

Before we heading to MPPP, we go to KW aquarium and pet shop to see puppy and buy fish.

When we reached MPPP, that moments is lunch time, no choice we have to wait until they back.
Lucky that I got bring my camera, then I shoot around there and saw lot of tourists is waiting to take pedicab>.<

• MPPP (Majlis Pembandaran Pulau Pinang)

• pedicab

• kedai runcit....^^

• very old bicycle

• the skies so blue
• ferry old building

• what my dear looking at?
• this is the photo I like the most

• I like the sea view....very comfortable and the wind very soft

• Maxim's cake house and bakery
-Stay Tune-

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